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Frequent dental care is not only a good standard of care for us as humans but it is very important for our pets as well. Bad breath, difficulty chewing, or a painful mouth are just some of the clinical signs that could indicate a problem. Over time, bacteria lead to plaque and tartar buildup on your pet’s teeth and the result is bad breath, inflamed gums, and other problems associated with dental disease. It is important to have routine dental assessments of your pet’s teeth in order to plan the best strategies to control, treat and protect them from dental disease.

A dental examine consists of grading your pet’s teeth. This grading scale helps to assess the severity of the dental disease and also allows our veterinarian to plan the best treatment protocol needed. The Dental Grading is from 0 to 4, where teeth scaled at 0 are clean, healthy teeth and gums with no evidence of tartar or plaque. Oral examinations that scale at 4 indicate a large amount of tartar, plague, gingivitis and periodontal disease.

An animal’s health can be seriously influenced by the severity of their dental disease, a percentage of the bacteria from unhealthy teeth can spread to both the kidneys and the heart. Preventative dental care is a the standard of medicine that is discussed at The Pets I Love Veterinary Hospital, it is important to have dental cleanings when pets are at a Grade I or II before the teeth degrade to III or IV.


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